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This list of links to apps provides a comprehensive array of tools to rely on in preparing for and responding to the Ebola virus. » More...

updated: 11 February, 2016

» Ebola Updates

» A History of Ebola in 24 Outbreaks
» The Ebola epidemic: a transformative moment for global health - pdf
» Ebola Virus 2014: Timeline of the World's Largest Outbreak

» Global Ebola Response
Ebola Response in 2014

TIME's 2014 Person of the Year

Johns Hopkins team wins U.S. award for improved suit to fight Ebola

Improved suit to fight Ebola
Personal protective equipment and disinfection procedures offer critical protection.

Johns Hopkins University Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design and Jhpiego

Ebola Information, Resources and News

Ebola Pocket Library
[email protected] and the WiderNet Project have established the Ebola Emergency Response Library initiative to create a pocket library for people, especially local health care workers in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone, responding to the Ebola crisis in Africa.

We're collecting high-quality digital resources for everyone from physicians and researchers to families, teachers, media outlets, social workers, and school children.

While this collection is available on the World Wide Web for those who have Internet access, the resources can be distributed on micro chips for use in smartphones, tablets, and laptops in places that lack internet access. The chips can be freely copied so that the information spreads faster than the disease.

The Internet version of the Ebola Pocket Library can be viewed at:

The downloadable version can be found here:
Download the Ebola Pocket Library
If you have a strong Internet connection, you can download the 14GB Ebola Pocket Library from our servers.
1. Download the Ebola Pocket Library from your browser (slowest) - Click here
2. Download Using your FTP Client Software (faster, more reliable)
Point your FTP client to ftp.widernet.unc.edu - Select the file "EbolaPocketLibrary.zip"

A History of Ebola in 24 Outbreaks
The continuing Ebola outbreak in West Africa has infected eight times the number of people than all previous outbreaks combined. A review of the two dozen recorded human outbreaks across Africa suggests some common themes.
Click on the rings to get details (numbers of cases and deaths, suspected source and type of Ebola strain) about each virus outbreak.

The Ebola epidemic: a transformative moment for global health - pdf
The devastating effects of the current epidemic of Ebola virus disease in western Africa have put the global health response in acute focus.

As we endeavour to combine biomedicine and social medicine to create a trans-disciplinary workforce for the Ebola frontline, we must ensure that our efforts are focused on the people, households and communities at risk. If we are to achieve any global health goals, we must empower the marginalized and voiceless. In the era of globalized supply chains and rapid transportation across very porous borders, it is in our self-interest to recognize our interdependence.

Resources about Ebola for Health Workers
Keeping health workers safe and healthy is the best defense against the further spread of Ebola.

The resources in this list provide practical, accessible information about Ebola, including information about preventing infection, protective equipment and clothing, handling waste, providing safe and dignified burial, and offering emotional support to the community.

These resources are meant for use by health workers and educators focusing their work on Ebola-affected West African countries.

Ebola Resources for Health Workers
This site offers resources, tools, and a forum to build community among frontline health workers and the global health community as we work together to address the outbreak.
Resources by Subject - Resource Type - Tools - Language - Country

Free Ebola Course From LSTHM

Ebola in Context: Understanding Transmission, Response and Control
Start date: 19 January 2015 - Duration: 2 weeks, 6 hours pw
The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is launching its first free online course with the help of its partner FutureLearn. The course will run for two weeks and will look at how Ebola, a disease that few people had heard of before this year, has caused a humanitarian crisis and worldwide panic.

Ebola & Nutrition: How Programs Are Responding and the SBC Tools they are Using
Presented in collaboration with the CORE Group Social & Behavior Change and Nutrition Working Groups
In light of the Ebola outbreaks in Sierra Leone and Liberia, the Nutrition and SBC Working Groups are delighted to offer a webinar on Ebola and nutrition. A panel of diverse speakers has been assembled to provide updates and activities related to programming adjustments, guidance notes and research needs and Social and Behavior Change Communication.

BioMed Central: Ebola Resource Center
This resource center provideds links to scientific articles related to Ebola, published in BioMed Central and Springer journals. All BioMed Central articles are published open access, and all Springer articles are freely accessible until March 1, 2015.

Dangerous Deliveries: Ebola Leaves Moms And Babies Without Care

CDC Factsheet: Health Care Workers: Could it be EBOLA?

Advice for colleges, universities and students (CDC)

Ebola Infographics & Illustrations (CDC)

The World's Ebola Crisis: Disastrous for Mothers and Daughters
Carolyn Miles, President & CEO, Save the Children

How Hospital Workers Are Supposed to Treat Ebola Safely
Here is what the C.D.C. recommends for health care workers on its website.

Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment (CDC)
To Be Used by Healthcare Workers During Management of Patients with Ebola Virus Disease in U.S. Hospitals, Including Procedures for Putting On (Donning) and Removing (Doffing)

Messages for Children to Learn and Share on Ebola
Children for Health - Sharing Knowledge Saving Lives

21 maps and charts that explain Ebola

13 things you need to know about Ebola

Read this to get a better understanding of how Ebola spreads
- October 13, 2014

Featured Videos

Ebola: What are we waiting for?
We've waited too long. Use your voice to fight Ebola now one.org/ebola

Africa Stop Ebola - Tiken Jah Fakoly, Amadou & Mariam, Salif Keita, Oumou Sangare and others.

Buy the song on iTunes - Google Play: ALL PROFITS go to Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors without Borders (MSF). #AfricaStopEbola

A collective of African musicians have come together to record a song to help raise awareness about Ebola in Africa. The song, entitled "Africa Stop Ebola", features the singers Tiken Jah Fakoly, Amadou & Mariam, Salif Keita, Oumou Sangare, Kandia Kora, Mory Kante, Sia Tolno, Barbara Kanam and rappers Didier Awadi, Marcus (from the band Banlieuz'Arts) and Mokobe, and also includes the musicians Sékou Kouyaté (electric guitar, bass, electric kora) et Ludovic N'Holle (drums).

The song is a message to citizens about what they can do to help stop the spread of Ebola in Africa. The song is performed in French and vernacular languages widely spoken across the region to ensure that the message is understood regardless of the level of literacy and education of the population.



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